Why Carma vs. traditional car dealerships is really no comparison

Amy Bairstow
Amy Bairstow
Why Carma vs. traditional car dealerships is really no comparison

You might have heard about Carma from a friend. Maybe you’ve stumbled here online looking for pre-owned cars in Sydney. Here’s the first thing to know: we’re not your average used car dealer. At this point we hear you say: “Pfft, yeah, OK, what makes you so special?” Friend, we respect that healthy scepticism - but hear us out!

Our focus on expert knowledge transforms almost every aspect of the car buying journey: from valuations, to reconditioning, to delivery. Without further ado, here are all the ways Carma drastically differs from typical used car dealer experiences.

We only choose the best

In fact for every car we buy, there are around nine we don’t. Our auto specialists inspect every car in person and will only select vehicles that meet our demanding criteria. We only look for top-condition cars with a comprehensive service history. We also only buy what we’d be happy to drive around ourselves. We put in the miles finding high quality, so you’ll be able to find it all in one spot.

We’re serious about testing our cars

Every vehicle we buy goes through our obsessively-detailed inspection process by fully certified technicians. They check everything, from safety features down to fuses and filters. Our team of 40+ specialists carry out testing and any reconditioning in our purpose-built test centre in Sydney. It’s a serious car-nerd environment - think laser wheel alignment and dedicated brake test lanes.

If the car is listed on Carma, that means it’s passed the full checklist.

You can see everything online

No thanks to traipsing around car lots on a Saturday morning. With Carma you can shop hundreds of cars online from your bed, couch or hammock. Every listing gives you a well-lit 360 degree view of the car, including up-close photos of any cosmetic imperfections and details about service history. It can actually be easier to judge quality online than with a five-minute inspection down the back of a crowded car lot.

There’s no haggling needed

We don’t do haggling or hidden fees, because - well, why should you have to guess what your car actually costs?

With Carma you can see the car’s fixed price online and you can decide if it’s a good deal or not. Our prices are informed by up-to-date market valuation data in our mission to keep prices competitive and fair. If you do find The One, you can reserve it then and there by paying outright or with a fully refundable $500 deposit. Our team can guide you throughout the process. See what our customers have said:

The sales team were helpful (but not pushy) and so lovely to deal with.

Ashleigh P., Hyundai i30

Joshua and Jenny were very responsive and efficient with contacting me and notifying me of updates and everything needed…A special shout out to Matthew who walked me through the car on day of delivery.

Zain El-Masri, Toyota Corolla

You can choose free delivery or pick up

Unlike many dealers, we make getting your car a cinch. Once payment’s received we get in touch to schedule either pick up or delivery - your choice. You can pick your car up from our location in Alexandria, or we can deliver for free in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area with our shiny Carma trucks. Here’s how that feels:

One of the standout aspects of my experience with Carma was the seamless delivery process. The car arrived exactly as described, and the delivery team was professional and punctual. They took the time to explain all the features and answer any questions I had.

Daniel J., Volkswagen Golf

We do test drives a little differently

Let’s face it - normal test drives just don’t tell you all that much, and you could have an intense used car dealer looking over your shoulder. You can’t really put the car through its paces. So instead, we let you try out your car for 7 days in your day-to-day life.

If you love it, you can simply transfer the rego to your name and it’s yours.

If it’s not quite right, you can get a full refund within 7 days of delivery or pick up. We’ll even pay the finance cancellation fee if we helped you find car finance*.

Buying with Carma means rather than having 20 mins for a test drive and having to decide, you have a whole week to drive, and check that it really is the car for you, and if you decide, return it. I wouldn’t know how that part works, because my car is still just as perfect as when it was delivered to my door step.

Sarah E., Nissan X-trail

It’s easy to get multiple finance quotes

Car finance can feel like a high-pressure situation with some traditional car dealers. But you’re entitled to choice when it comes to finding a car loan, which is why we partner with three trusted lenders so you can easily consider multiple quotes. You could go with the best car finance quote from Automotive Finance, Plenti, or Wisr, or use your own chosen lender. We also make it really easy to sell or trade in your car.

Your car gets a thorough clean and detail

Everyone deserves that fresh new car feeling, but if you’re buying second-hand that hasn’t felt like a possibility until now. We include a premium detailing, wash and wax for every car you find through Carma, including testing for odours. You may be amazed at just how good your second-hand car looks and feels when it arrives.

All sound too good to be true?

It’s not - it’s just how used car buying should be. Traditional used car dealers have fallen behind the times. The people want a straightforward way to buy quality second-hand cars without the pressure, hassle or inconvenience. We say, give the people what they want!

So if you’re ready to find your next ride, consider searching used cars for sale online with Carma. Let us show you how pain-free a pre-loved car purchase can actually be:

The secret to Carma quality

*Cancellation cost coverage applies only to customers where Carma originally arranged the finance through one of Carma’s finance partners, Plenti, Wisr, and Automotive Finance.

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