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Used sedan buying guide

While SUVs are gaining popularity in Australia, the sedan still reigns as a dependable daily driver or a straightforward first car. Sedans are smaller and lower to the ground, which makes cars like the Toyota Corolla and Kia Cerato much more agile and easy to drive.

A true all-rounder, they’re great for zipping through narrow streets, smooth long drives, and busy school runs.  Some may think sedans are getting boring, but with exciting choices like hybrid engines, performance models, and luxury cars, we beg to differ.

Sedan types: what to consider

Whether you’re buying a new or used sedan, there’s cars of different sizes and features to choose from, and at every price point too. Here’s what you need to check out to find the car that works for you.

Seating and boot space

Most sedans can seat up to five, with more legroom for rear passengers on many larger models. Higher spec models also come with features like leather trims, heated seats, or lumbar support.

Most sedan models also have rear folding seats that open up the back of the boot, extending its capacity to carry more. So if you’re hauling anything bulky or too long to fit in the boot, the folding seats would be something to look out for. For larger items like work equipment or outdoor gear, an SUV or ute might suit you better.

Sedan types

Compact, mid-sized, large, and luxury sedans all offer a diversity of features for safety, comfort, and performance. Mid-sized sedans are the popular choice for a first car, daily commuter, or a family car, all because of how versatile they are at meeting the needs of most drivers. For more space and refined comfort, brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are huge players in the luxury market with upmarket designs and industry-leading engineering.

Fuel type and performance

If you’re looking for a fuel-efficient car, choose a four-cylinder engine over a V6. Diesel engines are more efficient than petrol, and hybrid or electric engines are also an attractive green choice that gets you the most fuel efficiency.

However, if performance is what you need, you can choose from turbo-charged, V6, or V8 engines. There are also many models that offer AWD, for better handling and control on different terrain types.

Safety and driver assist tech

Safety features like automatic emergency braking, anti-locking brakes, vehicle stability control, and rearview cameras all come standard on many sedans now. The great news is that safety technologies are increasingly in demand, so many manufacturers have added blind spot monitoring, forward collision warning, and lane departure alert as standard equipment rather than keeping them behind higher spec models.

Pay attention to the ANCAP ratings of the sedans you’re looking to buy. Each model is tested and awarded a rating from one to five-stars, with five-stars meaning the car can provide excellent safety protection for drivers and passengers.

Are used sedans worth buying?

Many car buyers decide to buy a used car because of their budgets. There’s plenty of used sedans in the market, with features, trim levels, and added accessories to fit every budget. With a budget for a new entry to mid-range car, you might be able to nab yourself a used sedan higher up on the range with a premium trim level. The long wait times for new cars today and the abundance of variety within the used sedan market also helps with this decision too.

For quality used sedans in Sydney, choose a business you can trust. At Carma, thorough inspections and expert reconditioning is what helps us deliver such great used cars to your doorstep. Browse our range of used sedans, or get in touch with our customer service team to learn more.