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Used SUV buying guide

It’s easy to see how crazy Aussies are for SUVs. Judging by what’s on the roads, we don’t even need to look at sales figures to know that the SUV is Australia’s favourite passenger car. The trend isn’t slowing down either, with many manufacturers turning to strengthening their SUV offerings over sedans or hatchbacks

So why are SUVs so popular? It’s all about versatility, space, and style. SUVs are adaptable enough for busy families, daily commuters, even outdoor enthusiasts. They have more storage space than a sedan, are much sleeker and sportier than a people-mover, and the 4WD capabilities of most SUVs can take on all conditions with ease.

Which type of used SUV is for me?

Aussies are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying new and used SUVs. You can find used SUVs that are 2WD or 4WD, with petrol, diesel, or hybrid engines, in all different sizes as well. Take a look at what you should look out for when buying a used SUV.

Seating and cargo space

Most SUVs come as five or seven-seaters, but you’ll also be able to find some mid-sized or large models that can carry six or eight passengers. Seating is also flexible for storing cargo, where you can fold second and third-row seats down easily.


There are generally three sizes of SUVs to choose from: compact, mid-size, and large. Compact SUVs are loved as a city car, with more room than a sedan yet still perfect for zipping around urban roads. Mid-size SUVs are the ideal balance of performance, interior space, and convenience. Finally, large SUVs offer plenty of power that’s great for towing and off-roading, and are just the cars for big families or drivers who need to haul lots of gear.


Many SUVs offer both 2WD and 4WD, or exclusively AWD in Subaru’s case. If you’re only going to be driving on paved roads on your commute, you’ll probably only need 2WD. 2WD SUVs generally cost less, and are more fuel efficient. But if you’re looking to drive on dirt roads and rougher terrain, 4WD is the way to go. You’ll get more control off-roading, and towing is easier and safer with 4WD as well.


Depending on the size, towing capacities of many SUVs can range from 1,800 to 3,500 kg, so you can tow anything from jet skis to campervans. Many mid-size and large SUVs also offer tow packages that include accessories like a load distribution hitch, tow bar, tow ball, and trailer wiring harness.

Safety and driver assist tech

Protection on the road is a huge priority, and many manufacturers cater to this demand by offering a full safety suite as standard equipment on their SUVs. Many SUVs have safety features like forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and lane keeping assist. The ANCAP ratings of each SUV is what you’ll need to look up while you’re doing your research, with 5-stars being the maximum rating a car can get for providing the best protection.

Benefits of buying a used SUV

There’s no shortage of used SUVs on the market right now, with a variety of makes, models, and features to choose from. You can find your dream car with all the features and accessories you want at a price that’s within your budget in no time. That’s more bang for your buck, and the value of a used SUVs can also hold better than a new one.

At Carma, we only handpick the best used SUVs, thoroughly inspected and reconditioned to deliver you the highest quality and experience. Browse our range of used cars today, or reach out to our customer service team for more information.