The secret to Carma quality

There’s a good reason why Carma cars are such high quality. It’s because we have outrageously high standards.

Carma does the hard yards (so you don't have to).

We only buy the (very) best cars

Selective buying

Our experts work tirelessly to source (and snap up) the best pre-owned cars in Australia. We inspect every car in person, and only one in ten makes the cut.

Our scrutiny is next level

Ultra-detailed inspection

Every Carma car undergoes a forensic 90-minute inspection, so we can identify any cosmetic imperfections or minor work that needs to be done. Absolutely no cable, fuse, plug or panel escapes our attention.

We ensure optimum condition, inside and out

Expert reconditioning

Each car goes through the hands of 40+ Carma experts via an intensive 9-step process, which ensures every part is in the best condition possible.

What you see is what you get

Virtual showroom

On our website, you can get a 360 degree view of every Carma car, together with comprehensive specifications. Photos are highly detailed – so there’s no smoke, no mirrors.

Why our customers are buying the Carma way


Ready to roll?

We've got hundreds of fantastic cars, ready for you to explore.

How does buying with Carma work?

How does buying with Carma work?

The process is different to what you’ll find anywhere else – in the best possible way.