Carma Extended Coverage

Get 3 years mechanical protection plus premium roadside assist for a one-time payment of $1,790.

What’s included with Carma Extended Coverage?

  1. 3 years mechanical protection
    Cover yourself against unexpected repair costs. Get the comfort of knowing you’ll be protected in the event of an unexpected mechanical failure for 3 additional years.
  2. Premium roadside assist
    Nationwide emergency breakdown help. Enabled by our partner National Roadside Assist (NRA), the roadside assist package offers help with over 1,700 service providers in Australia. Their reliable network provides fast, professional service, and are available on call 24/7.
Purchase Carma Extended Coverage for a one time payment of $1,790
Purchase Carma Extended Coverage for a one time payment of $1,790

Must be purchased prior to delivery. To be eligible, cars need to have an odometer reading of under 160,000 km.

Protection for the road ahead

Your car’s risk of breakdown naturally increases over its lifetime. Typical car warranty lasts for 3-5 years, and that’s where Carma Extended Coverage steps in. Keeping your car protected, wherever you’re headed.

  1. Claim up to the purchase price of your car
    Excluding paint and trim, parts that would have been covered by your original manufacturer’s warranty are covered, with up to $5,000 per individual claim.
  2. 3 additional years covered
    Carma Mechanical Protection covers an additional three years at the end of your of manufacturer’s warranty (or when your car reaches 200,000 km, whichever comes first).
  3. Service it your way
    You’re in the driver’s seat. Service at your preferred licensed repairer, according to the frequency and costs listed in your owner’s manual and manufacturer’s website.

Extensive cover of electrical and mechanical parts

Better protection with Premium Roadside Assist

  1. Roadside response
    Get help on the road with jump starting your car, flat tyres, unlocking your car, or filling up with petrol when you run out.
  2. Towing breakdown
    We can transport your broken down car to the nearest licensed repairer within a 250 km round trip.
  3. Emergency reimbursements
    In the event of major mechanical failure, our plan covers up to $1,200 in extras per year.

Get better value for your roadside assist

With Carma Extended Coverage, your roadside cover upgrades in value, with a minimum of 3 years. If your car is still under manufacturer warranty, your premium road side assist starts right away, giving you more value per year.

Base roadside on the market

Standard roadside cover on the market that will get you started.

Average price



12 months coverage

Breakdown towing

One-way towing of up to 25 km

Caravan / trailer weight limit

Towing transport of up to 3.5 tonnes

Breakdown travel assist


Carma Extended Coverage roadside

Our premium cover for any situation, automatically included.

Average price



Minimum 36 months coverage

Breakdown towing

Round-trip towing of up to 250 km

Caravan/trailer weight limit

Towing transport of up to 3.5 tonnes

Breakdown travel assist

Car rental


Emergency travel

Trailer hire

Transport fees

Ambulance cover

Understanding your coverage and exclusions

To learn more about what's included in your coverage and the full list of exclusions, read the T's and C's here.

Need Roadside Assistance?
Need Roadside Assistance?

For 24/7 assistance from National Roadside Assist, call the toll free number or request assistance via the mobile app.

Need to make a claim?
Need to make a claim?

Get in touch with Harrier experts to make a claim.

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