Carpool Banter with the Sydney FC Women’s team

Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee

As proud sponsors of Sydney FC, we’re thrilled to be partnered with Sydney FC Women’s players who are as passionate about cars as they are about football. We handed over the keys to our most expensive car to team captain Nat Tobin, players Taylor Ray and Margaux Chauvet for a fun cruise around. Here’s what the squad had to say about their first car, World Cup predictions, favourite moments of the season and see how they went about guessing the price on our most expensive car.

Q: You’re all in Carma’s most expensive car right now. Can you guess how much it costs?

Margaux kicked us off “I’m going to go with 120k.” Taylor went higher, “I was thinking about 150k with all the cool features we have, did you know we have a cool box here?”

After enjoying some chilled drinks, they learn that our 2023 Toyota Landcruiser is actually $162,990! It’s also the top spec model, with touches of carbon fibre look, genuine leather, and exciting features such as lockable front and rear differentials, wireless charging, and head-up display. Carma’s second most expensive car, a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado isn’t even close to the price of the Landcruiser’s legendary reputation for toughness.

Q: What was your first car?

While they were chatting about their first cars and how they learned to drive for the first time, Margaux was actually surprised how Nat and Taylor both started on manual cars. ‘My parents used to say if you start with a manual, you’ll know how to drive any car,’ said Nat. “Yeah my dad also said the same, all the cars I drove were manual’, agreed Taylor.

Taylor’s first car: Suzuki Jimny

Photo: Suzuki
Photo: Suzuki

A rugged little 4x4, the Suzuki Jimny is surprisingly capable off-road for its size. The Jimny is loved for its perfect blend of retro-inspired design, city-friendly size, and clever 1.5L four-cylinder petrol engine that packs a punch.

Margaux’s first car: Hyundai i30

Photo: Hyundai
Photo: Hyundai

A classic first car for many, the reliable Hyundai i30 is a zippy small car that’s fun to drive and convenient to park. It offers great fuel-efficiency and all the small car practicalities that you need driving around town.

Nat’s first car: Mazda 121

Photo: Mazda
Photo: Mazda

Another quintessential small first car, the Mazda 121 has a long history of being extremely reliable and great on fuel. Knowing that Nat bought a used Mazda 121, we’re confident this ‘rice bubble’ car did more than just the job as her first car. For something a little more modern with the same Mazda quality build, we recommend checking out the Mazda 2 or Mazda 3.

Q: How was the experience of buying your first car?

Talking about her first few times buying a car, Nat says "I always bought my cars privately, I remember the first car I bought, they gave us the wrong numbers twice. So we had to do the REVs check like three times." Taylor agrees that it’s just frustrating, with Nat continuing "I just think that is a painful process that I lost a bit of sleep over and I would not get that if I went through Carma."

Buying a car can be both thrilling and frustrating at times. From navigating options at dealerships to making a large payment by cash or finance, a car-buying adventure can also be a learning experience for many. Like many others such as their very own Sydney FC teammate Joel King, the seamless process and assurance that you’ve got a fully-reconditioned quality Carma car is what our customers love.

Q: What were some of your favourite moments of the past season?

Thinking about the last season Margaux says, “honestly because it was my first year with Sydney FC I really enjoyed training and meeting everyone, and it was really exciting to be on the bench that one time!’

"For me being part of Sydney FC for the past six years and being part of the double win for the first time in such a long time was so special," adds Taylor, "being part of such an amazing club, and obviously winning the grand final was top tier stuff."

"Definitely the double, and winning the championship was the sweetest moment," Nat chimes in, "I was so proud as team captain, best day of my life."

Q: Finally, who do you think will win the Women’s World Cup?

The Women’s World Cup has kicked off and we’re so excited to be cheering on Australia. We’re also curious to know which country will claim victory, and who better to ask than three football pros who know the sport so well!

Nat, Taylor, and Margaux all agreed the US, French, and German teams all had strong chances to win it all, but were also excited to cheer on fellow Sydney FC teammate Cortnee Vine and see our very own Matildas make it to the semi-finals and finals as well.

Watch Carpool Banter with Sydney FC now.

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