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Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee

About a year ago, Olivia started looking for a car to use at work. As the founder of The Support Society, a disability care service that runs activities and programs that supports the wellbeing of disabled children and adults, her day-to-day involves taking large groups out on activities around the Northern Beaches.

This called for a bigger car. That’s just what Olivia did when she found the right car from Carma. We caught up with Olivia to hear all about her Carma experience, buying online, and all the fun she’s had on outings with her crew.

Finding the right car online

Olivia knew what kind of car she needed – an eight-seater people-mover. After spending some time doing research online, Carma popped up on her radar. “I was shopping around, didn’t know exactly what car I wanted but I had a whole checklist of what I needed,” said Olivia, “then I spoke with Jade and Kerry from the Carma team on the phone and they helped me find the right car.”

This landed her with a Kia Carnival, with eight seats and enough boot space to carry toys, bags, and wheelchairs. “We run programs seven days a week, so I needed something that could fit a lot of people and luggage but nothing too big for city streets,” Olivia adds, “what really stood out to me was that everyone at Carma was so helpful and gave me a lot of options to choose from without pushing hard on me and was able to get back to me about any questions I had about the car, the finance, and all my options.”

So what was buying a car online like? “The whole process was done with a few clicks of a button and I’ve got the right fit, sorted out finance on the car, which is a miracle in this day and age” comments Olivia, “every little spot on the car is also shown on the website so there were no surprises, and I also had the option of 7-day returns.”

A personal delivery

From choosing a car and sorting out car finance, Olivia got her car delivered right to her door. “When I got my car delivered it was a really special, seeing it arrive on the back of a truck and unload onto my driveway was a really awesome moment for the whole team,” says Olivia, “it was very personal to have the keys handed over by someone from Carma with a lovely gift pack as well.”

“Seamless, easy, super fun”

Speaking about the car, Olivia says, “From getting the car for the first time I really felt like it was a brand new car, it was the perfect fit for us, we use it seven days a week and it’s just our dream car really. It’s often jam packed with kids with the music blasting and kids laughing, so if you see us around with the windows down making a lot of noise, you know who we are.”

Finally to sum up her full Carma experience, “I’d say if you’re thinking about buying a car from Carma, do it. It’s a seamless experience and stress-free, especially with Carma there’s that relationship and personal touch to things that makes the whole experience really easygoing. The car was impeccable and the whole process was seamless, easy, and super fun.”

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